Up close with SISSTR Team Rider: Maya Figl

What made you take up surfing?

I got given my first proper surfboard for my 6th birthday, and haven’t really stopped ever since. Even before I turned 6 I spent my free time in the ocean where I used to sit at the front of my mom’s SUP board, swim, boogie board and just mess around in the shore break. I haven’t stopped being in the ocean ever since.

What do you love most about surfing?

I love the lifestyle that comes with it. I love being in the ocean, staying fit and healthy, being stoked and travelling to find perfect waves.

What keeps you motivated? 

Just being in the ocean and surrounded by its beauty keeps me motivated!

Favourite surf spot?

Anywhere tropical and uncrowded! 

Who is your role model? And why? 

My role model is Stephanie Gilmore. I love her surfing and think she has mastered the perfect combination of femininity & style and aggression & power in her surfing. She has also inspired so many young girls to take up surfing and continually pushes women’s surfing globally.  

What is your surfing goal?  

My surfing goal is to become the best surfer I can be and to continually push myself and test myself and improve my surfing. I’m not yet sure if I’d like to pursue a career in professional surfing, however I am sure that one of my aims is to inspire young girls all around the world to take up surfing and to inspire them to follow their dreams.

What advice would you give to the young girl groms wanting to follow a career in surfing?

I’m still a grom myself, but some advice that I was given that I’ve lived by is: never give up on your dreams and if you stay determined you can achieve anything.


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