A catch up with Co-Founder of The Store - Chio-Laine Kraak

To celebrate Women's Month we caught up with the visionary of The Store, Chio Laine. We got insight into her vision for The Store, her role model and her thoughts on raising the visibility on women's surfing.

Tell us about yourself?

A proud Mom, Wife and Co-Founder of The Store, living in a sleepy surf town with a passion for lifestyle, fashion and eco-living. 

I take inspiration from nature and the ocean, aspirating to live an outdoor and mindful lifestyle. Cooking straight from my garden or spending a day adventuring our beautiful coast line, followed by a surf with my family describes my perfect day. 

You have grown up in a family where surf and retail run strong. Your vision and passion were instrumental in getting The Store started.  Tell us about this vision?  Short and long term.

My vision for The Store was to develop a retail concept that offered fresh, innovative international brands that are sustainable and cared for the environment.

The Store is a platform that inspires creative living, adventure and hosts an offering of fashion forward apparel and accessories that complement the experience-hungry individual. 

 Who is your role model and what impact have they had on you?

It would come as no surprise to say my mother is my role model. Having grown up in a household driven by passion, determination and undeniable entrepreneurial spirit, it was the defining inspiration for my future and career.

My mom led with courage and a fight for her seat at the table as a respected business woman all while ensuring her family and her community were supported, loved and empowered. 

 Your thoughts on women's surfing and what you feel can be done to raise the visibility for women?

The voice of women's surfing is still young and has an incredible opportunity to influence our industry with equality. An exciting space that deserves the support from brands and platforms globally to show it's true ability to influence and inspire young women and athletes in our industry. 



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