Stevie Sawyer Vlog - Episode 4 - Coming Home

Episode 4, wraps up 2023 with Stevie Sawyer 🤙🏽

🗣️ From Australia it was a flight to California then El Salvador. What a beautiful place, possibly the most expensive trip out of the lot which was surprising but beautiful nonetheless. Needing to make it to the finals to qualify for Malibu (the top and final 8) I just missed it by 0.6 of a point in the semifinals. What a short straw. With a whirlwind of emotions, I went back to California to watch the final 8 unfold without me taking part, it only motivated me for 2024. I returned to California and had time on my side. Shaping and surfing the early Winter swells were epic before I went home.

Check out the episode here 

Credit: Stevie Sawyer, Mr Images JBay, Rick Wall, Takamama Movies & Sealaka

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