Women's Month: Chio-Laine Kraak talks about The La Muse Classic
Co-founder of The Store, Chio-Laine Kraak, has a passion for women's surfing.  This extends to The Store's involvement with the La Muse Classic, since its inception in, with the 5th edition currently running at Muizenberg.

  • How did you get involved with the La Muse Classic?
I guess it was right place right time.

  • What was your vision for this event at inception?
I love the beauty of women's longboarding so to have a day full of fun was a no brainer.

  • How long has the contest been running for?
The contest has been running for 5 years.

  • What makes the La Muse Classic different from other surf contests?
It's all womens!


  • We know what your vision was at the inception of the event. With the event having run for a couple of years, how do you foresee this event looking in 5 years?

It's really a platform to promote women's surfing and get girls stoked in the water, so for me to see new faces every year is  a blessing.


Thanks for your time Chio and hope to see The La Muse Classic go from strength to strength.


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