Stevie Sawyer Vlog - Episode 1 - USA

🗣 Hi everyone, Stevie Sawyer here.

I am stoked to be sharing a 4 part series, trailing some vibes and waves around the WSL Longboard Tour for 2023.

I have gathered a collage of footage from friends along the way to help put this all together. It’s been quite a journey through all the different stops, chasing the WSL Longboard Tour, as 2023 was the most eventful year in longboarding since I started on the tour. This year marks 9 years for me 🤙

Huntington was the first stop of the tour, lodging with a Saffa buddy, Wes and his lovely family. They were kind enough to host me and Sarah Baum  , a former Saffa, now residing in Australia.

Enjoy episode 1 here and keep an eye out for the next episode that covers Sri Lanka.

Rick Wall, Wes & Mr Images JBay TV

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