Online Orders During Lockdown



Firstly we would like to send a HUGE thank you to everyone that placed an order over the lockdown period (Now called Level 5...). The response to our Lockdown Sale has been MASSIVE and has honestly, not even joking, kept us afloat!



When President Cyril Ramaphosa announced a nationwide lockdown, we were under the impression that things will go back to normal come May 1st...clearly that's not the case ANYMORE! The Government has now imposed levels of lockdown with level 4 to be implemented on May 1st. According to the Government, only "Winter Clothing" may be purchased during Level 4 which leaves us with very little clarity on what exactly a winter clothing item is or if this rule only applies to physical stores or online. It's all a very vague!



As of May 4th our staff will be permitted to start processing your orders. If your order consists of "Winter Items" you can expect your order to be processed and shipped. Please bear in mind we have a huge backlog of orders to get through so orders will take a few days longer to reach you than expected. We are also at the mercy of the couriers which will be dealing with a massive backlog as more retailers start sending orders. Winter items can be jackets ; beanies ; socks ; anything long sleeve ; long pants ; shoes ; fleece. Items that fall outside of winter clothing will be shipped as soon as level 3 lockdown is implemented.



Our 14 day return policy will only begin once you receive your order. If you're unhappy with the product received log a return and we'll process an exchange or refund. If your order can only be shipped at level 3 lockdown and you don't feel like you can wait that long, we are also more than happy to refund your order.

If you have anymore queries, send us a mail at or drop a message on our live chat. Annie will get back to you as soon as possible.


Stay safe everyone and much love!

The Store Team

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