Meet Stance Advocate & EFC Bantamweight Champion - Sindile Manengela
We caught up with Sindile Manengela, ahead of him defending his title on 4 June.
  • How did you get into the sport?
I've been always into martial arts since I was young, I started Judo at the age of 8. When I saw some clips of mma I think it was 2010/2011 I'm not really sure, I immediately fell in love with the sport. The rest was history.
  • Who is your biggest inspiration?
My inspiration is Chris Bright no doubt about it, he's a great person on and off the sport. I'm looking up to him.
  • What does your training week consist of?

We have 5 mma morning sessions a week from Monday to Friday, they start at 9 o'clock to 11:30/12 o'clock (in those sessions we cover almost everything, from striking, wrestling to grappling).

Then we'll have strength and conditioning in the midday, finish with bjj every night. I also have 2 Judo sessions on Tuesdays and Thursdays after bjj sessions. Plus 1 open mat session on Saturdays.

We also have stretching and flexibility sessions 2 to 3 times a week with Stirling his our Biokinetic. Last but not least, I do mental strength sessions as with William 2 to 3 a week as well, especially when I have a fight coming. He's in overseas at the moment, so we our sessions over the phone.


  • What does it take to defend a title?

Defending this title means a lot, I'll do everything in my power to bring it back here in Gqeberha (PE).


  • How long before the fight is your weigh-in? What happens when you are over the weight limit, how long do you have to lose the weight?
We do weigh-ins a day before the fight. When one misses weight (which has never happened to me) they still get 2 hours extra before the officials close the scale.
  • How does your nutrition change from 3 months out to 2 weeks prior to a fight ?
When it comes to nutrition, I always eat clean even when I don't have fight. To me it's more of a lifestyle more than anything else. The only thing that I do deferent when I have a fight is water loading (I drink a lot of water)What happens between weigh-in and the actual fight? Nutrition, training?
  • How long does it take to recover from a title/ major fight?
The recovery after a fight depends on how long  your fight was and how your body is feeling, other than that we get back to training as quick as we can
What would a post-fight debrief look like with you and your coach, does that form the basis of your action plan for the next fight?
  • What is your favorite submission or knockout?

My favorite submission at the moment it has to be a darce-choke.

  • What are your favorite STANCE socks?
My favorite STANCE socks at the are the Simpsons ones 👌
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Winner to be announced on Monday 6 June 2022 🤞


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EFC Bantamweight Champion – Sindile Manengela

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Good Luck Sindile !!!


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Good luck Sindile – you’ve got this.

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